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Access To Major Medical Services For Women

In Canada, the free healthcare system offers extraordinary coverage for women. However, an increase in the demand for care has led to limitations and requires consumers to seek supplemental coverage. Private coverage provides extra coverage for women’s health needs. A local marketplace offers affordable Health Insurance for all women.

Reproductive Health and Birth Control Services

Major medical insurance provides reproductive health services, including screenings for cancer and treatments for related conditions. Women receive birth control options through their preferred gynocologist and review options when they are ready for sterilization. The right insurance policy provides maximum coverage for preventative services and surgeries.

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Maternity and Postnatal Care

Women who are expecting need comprehensive health services to monitor the progression of their pregnancy. They need access to a high-caliber obstetrician who offers high-quality maternity and postnatal care for all women. When reviewing the policies, women want the highest coverage level possible at an affordable rate.


Breast Cancer and Reconstruction

Breast cancer treatment and surgery are covered under major medical coverage. Oncologists offer exceptional care for patients based on the stage at which their cancer was diagnosed. Select policies offer reconstructive surgery for women who undergo mastectomy surgery. Some policies provide coverage for reconstruction based on a psychological need. When comparing coverage, women should review their options and determine if reconstruction is a possibility if they are diagnosed with the devastating disease.


STD Screenings and Treatment Options

Sexually-active women need healthcare coverage that offers STD screenings and panels if symptoms emerge. Comprehensive healthcare provides effective treatments for curable sexually-transmitted diseases and infections. The plans should also offer ongoing care for patients who contract AIDS, HIV, or herpes. The right plan offers coverage for pre-existing conditions that threaten the patient’s health. It offers affordable monthly payments, deductibles, and co-pays.


In Canada, private healthcare insurance offers more comprehensive services for consumers. The right plan offers up to 90% coverage for women’s health services. The services include reproductive health, birth control, and maternity care. Breast cancer screenings and treatment are included in healthcare plans. Patients also have access to STD and STI screenings and treatment. Consumers who want to learn more about health or dental Insurance request a quote now. 

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